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Ranch Mart Shopping Center

The Redevelopment of Ranch Mart Shopping Center

ranch mart shopping center

Ranch Mart Shopping Center, a landmark for generations of Johnson County residents, is undergoing a complete renovation. The shopping center, originally developed by local homebuilder Vic Regnier in 1958, was created so that neighboring homeowners would, in his words, "have a convenient place to shop and buy groceries". At the time, the design, merchandising, and architecture of the center were considered to be trend-setting.  In that same spirit the new Ranch Mart Shopping Center will set a standard of excellence - now and for decades to come.

Cadence Commercial Real Estate is honored by the opportunity to bring a second life to this approximately 217,000 sf providing an home for some of the areas best local businesses. In addition to the broader redevelopment efforts, Cosentino’s Price Chopper will concurrently be undergoing extensive interior renovations.  Based on the current schedule, work should begin in the summer of 2019.


Ranch Mart Shopping Center: 60 years of rich history in Leawood


Project Scope

wide view 1.jpg
  • Complete façade renovation of the entire center and interior remodel of Cosentino’s Price Chopper

  • New two story mixed-use building with second floor office space above restaurants

  • New pedestrian areas and connectivity to maximize safety

  • Substantial plaza and event space

  • Modern materials and architecture with lush landscaping

  • Updated parking areas, islands, and lighting


The future of Ranch Mart shopping center

Ownership and the Developer are prepared to set this shopping center apart as a fixture in the community and destination for some of the best retailers and restaurants in the area.

March 1, 2019 Update

We’re incredibly encouraged by all of the feedback that we’ve received from customers, neighbors, and Cure’ of Ars parishioners and parents. In response to many of the questions, we have updated some of the imagery to showcase some of the pedestrian areas and connectivity, and have included a view of the complete project so all of these elements are visible. Great measures have been taken throughout the design process to enhance the pedestrian experience. New connections to neighboring properties will be added as well as pathways throughout the project to create a safe, walkable environment. Below are detailed images of the connection to the sidewalks at Cure’ of Ars in front of O’Neill’s. The power lines along Mission Road and 95th Street will be buried. In their place, wide sidewalks will be added with landscape beds and walls to provide plenty of spacing for pedestrians from traffic on the street. Thanks again for your interest!


Lynette Russ
Senior Producer

Lindy Beyer
Senior Producer